Nirmal Sangeet Classes

Nirmal Sangeet Classes offers numerous certificate courses and short term hobby classes for individuals, having interest in music. We provide practical training for all types of musical instruments, Hindustani & western vocal and theoretical music classes, so that it could be possible for learners to broaden their horizon and to learn the variegated aspects of cultures across the globe, by the medium of music.

At our center, we have assorted all types of musical instruments and equipment, used during offering practical lessons. With the aid of expert artisans and musicians, we are offering music classes to kids, children, young adults, and school & college going students and to those preparing to participate in competition & reality shows. Courses that we offer are certified and we make sure that our students are offered with fruitful skills during their learning phase.










Why US

Music is an art form which enables a person to learn the various facets of cultures present in different regions across the country. With a belief to provide our learners the art of self-expression we are offering music classes to them. Individuals, working personnel, kids and adults all are welcomed at our place. Through our musical courses, our students get to learn to express themselves and to be creative along with the skills required to make their name in the professional world. With the aid of best faculty comprising of trained & professional musicians, we are offering music classes to our aspirants.

Our Mission

To build a friendly and unbiased platform where students can learn the skills in an effective way to learn the art of music, we came with the concept of Nirmal Sangeet classes. With our sessions, vocal training and instrumental training, we have nurtured talents all across the country and are committed to take it to a massive scale. We wish to popularize this art all across the globe and to bring forth hidden talents across the country, having a deep interest in taking up music as their professional career.